About Trophea

Trophea is a start-up company developing an innovative medication against skin atrophy.

Trophea AB and its subsidiary Trophea Development AB were founded in 2016. Trophea Development AB develops a topical product for the treatment of skin atrophy caused by long-term use of corticosteroids. There is currently no effective treatment for skin atrophy.

The companies are part of the group of the Swedish company PULS (Partners for Development Investments in Life Sciences P.U.L.S. AB.) and are based in Helsingborg, Sweden.

PULS is a life science company with a unique combination of scientists and industrialists who together with innovators are commercializing ideas by providing capital, know-how and committed partnership. PULS’s involvement in the project development of Trophea is based on a proven business model securing return on investment. Read more about www.pulsinvest.se. For investors, learn more at www.pulsinvest.se/investors/.